Zindabad to everyone willing to fight the good fight

Memory is a powerful thing. Inspiration is tenacious like weeds. To be Mohammad Zubair is to be on the side of truth and civility.

I feel both debilitatingly paralyzed as well as flushed with inspiration as I begin to type this month’s newsletter.

I have only Mohammed Zubair on my mind. The 39-year-old Bengaluru resident and co-founder of India’s top fact-checking website Alt News has been relentless at using his digital forensics skills to debunk unscientific myths and disinformation about current news, religion and caste. He has half a million followers on Twitter. His tweets, targeting fake news and setting the record straight with facts, receive thousands of retweets.

Zubair hasn’t tweeted for nearly three weeks now. He was summoned by the Delhi …


Natasha Badhwar

Natasha is a writer, filmmaker and communications coach. She is the author of the popular memoirs My Daughters’ Mum and Immortal for a Moment. Her columns have appeared in publications such as Mint Lounge, The Hindu, Outlook, The Globe and Mail, The Indian Express, the Hindustan Times and Quint.