It’s T minus 10, 9, 8, 7… before Indian space tech liftoff

The success of Agnikul’s rocket launch, soon after a startup rival’s, has shown that India’s private sector space companies are capable and ready. With the government finally in their corner, commercial success beckons.

Fifth time’s the charm for Agnikul Cosmos. From its launchpad in Sriharikota, the Chennai-based company’s rocket has finally—and successfully—made the journey to outer space and back. Technical errors had held up this long-awaited lift-off for the past two months, where multiple launch attempts were aborted to get everything right. And now, Agnikul’s founders as well as investors are at ease—the years of hard work have paid off.

What Agnikul has done is no small feat; in fact, nothing in the space tech business is. A rocket making it beyond the Karman line—the edge of space—requires every little piece of engineering, …


Sethu Pradeep

Sethu writes on all things technology at The Morning Context. He previously worked as a senior sub-editor at Indian Express.