Karnataka’s draft bill for gig workers leaves lingering questions

One of the bill’s key proposals is the creation of a welfare board. However, this 10-member board would have only two representatives for gig workers.

Whether it is harsh summers or waterlogged streets, delivery workers rushing to drop orders within the stipulated time is too common a sight in India. “Ye kaam to majboori hai, kaisa bhi mausam ho [no matter what the weather is like, we can’t help but do the job],” a gig worker from the Delhi-NCR region told PTI on braving the weather extremities.

Going by official data, India had around 7.7 million gig workers in 2020-21—1.5% of the total workforce. That’s no small number. However, the country still lacks a uniform law to regulate the industry. Last week though, the …


Disha Acharya

Disha is a writer at The Morning Context. She has previously worked at the digital production desk of Reuters. Prior to that, she was a sub-editor at Deccan Herald.