Top exit at Nexus Venture Partners and the allure of freestyle investing

What is more important for a venture fund—an investment strategy that is sold to limited partners to raise money or ultimately the fund returns that can come from practically anywhere?

Exits, splits and disillusionment happen all the time. In partnerships, founding teams and across all sorts of businesses. The valuable insight is to understand what caused them. 

A recent case in point is the exit of Sameer Brij Verma, the managing director of Nexus Venture Partners, which took a lot of folks in India’s venture capital ecosystem by surprise. Last week, it was reported that Verma will quit Nexus and strike out on his own. He has been with the firm for a good 13 years, climbing all steps of the ladder to become the fund’s managing director. At a …


Ashish K. Mishra

Ashish is the editor-in-chief of The Morning Context. One of the best-known business feature writers in India, he was selected for Germany’s Robert Bosch Stiftung Fellowship in 2012 and received the Mumbai Press Club RedInk certificate of recognition in 2015 for his story “Inside the Network 18 takeover”. Before joining The Morning Context, Ashish co-founded The Ken, where he was managing editor. His previous writing stints include Mint, Forbes India and The Economic Times.