A leaner, meaner DLF gets its mojo back

India’s most valuable real estate company breaks with its profligate past to return to its profitable ways.

To those who track Indian real estate, the mention of DLF conjures up images of endless tracts of land around the National Capital Region in various stages of development. The best malls, office spaces and apartment complexes usually bear the DLF name, making the company an industry bellwether. 

Its stock would belie that status, though. Since early-2008, DLF’s shares have traded well below their initial public offer price of Rs 525. Two years after it launched The Camellias, a 18-acre project for the uber-rich in Gurugram, its stock touched a low of Rs 80 in February 2016. In 2019-20, DLF …


T Surendar

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