Apple finally gets serious about India

The iPhone maker managed to bounce back last year after an embarrassing decline in 2018. More importantly, 2020 looks to be big.

For years, Apple didn’t really care about India; in more recent times, it became that India didn’t really care about Apple. This did not go well.

The very small premium smartphone market, growing competition by premium Android smartphones with more perceived value and unorganized distribution channels meant iPhone sales tanked in 2018 to their lowest in five years. The company scrambled to overhaul its strategy in what is now the world’s second largest smartphone market, with long-pending moves on price cuts, local manufacturing and distribution.

During an analyst call after its quarterly earnings report last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook …


Abhishek Baxi

Abhishek writes on technology trends, gadgets and SMBs, and has over a decade of experience—both as an industry watcher as well as a participant. He quit Microsoft in 2011 to become an independent digital consultant, and to write more, travel randomly, watch a lot of movies and wake up late on weekdays.