Praj’s triumph is always around the corner, never there

Biofuels do hold promise, but their heavy reliance on price-sensitive crops like sugarcane casts doubts on the future of India’s leading ethanol plant manufacturer.

Picture this. You are an entrepreneur who’s spent more than three decades trying to convince the market of your technology and finding little success. Finally, stars align and you find takers for your tech. It is your moment in the sun. But it turns out that it’s already past noon. Your window of glory is smaller than you thought.

Praj Industries founder and chairman Pramod Chaudhari seems to be facing a similar predicament. On the face of it, his business—which mainly relies on setting up ethanol plants—is going smoothly. The order book grew 21% year on year to Rs 7,740 …


Azman Usmani

Azman writes on climate change, ESG, and how a warming world impacts businesses and people alike. Prior to The Morning Context, he led climate coverage at BloombergQuint, where he started his career as a desk writer.