Baba Ramdev’s sermons on Patanjali’s cure-all drugs are flirting with the law

The yoga tycoon’s endorsement of Patanjali products as cures for chronic conditions raises ethical and legal questions.

For the past three years, Baba Ramdev has been headlining a special programme on India TV. The show, called “Yog ke Rang, Swami Ramdev Ke Sang”, is broadcast between 8 and 9 am every day. It follows a template the yoga guru is best known for: leading viewers through various yoga poses. Often, he doubles up as an ayurveda expert, doling out remedies for a host of diseases.

On 9 February, while Ramdev was in the middle of a leg raise, the anchor asked him a question about glaucoma. “They say this disease can only be controlled, not cured,” the …


Omkar Khandekar

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