Don’t worry about Arnab Goswami

Arnab Goswami is an irrelevance. A complete and utter irrelevance both as a sample of the deepest circle of hell that is the Indian TV news industry, but also as whatever he does for a living. (Satan?) He is an irrelevance. And you should stop worrying about him this instant. Unless you are worried about his situation in jail. Because custodial brutality is a real problem with Indian police. To that extent, you are allowed to worry about him.

But otherwise? No. Stop it.

Thank you. That is the gist of this week's newsletter. More details? More personal anecdotes? Some …


Sidin Vadukut

Sidin Vadukut is co-founder and CEO of All Things Small, a non-fiction focused content company. ATS’s latest productions include Mission ISRO, a Spotify Original podcast hosted by Harsha Bhogle, and, a digital publication that tells one great piece of cinematic journalism each week.