Govt blinks on draft EIA law translation. Has a precedent been set?

This is the eighth edition of Thirty-six, The Morning Context's weekly newsletter on countless ecosystems in flux across India.

A significant development from late last week, which is consequential for all 28 states and eight union territories, was not noticed widely enough. The central government told the Delhi High Court that, in principle, it has agreed to translate the controversial draft environment impact assessment notification 2020, or EIA 2020, into all 22 official languages of India. This implies there is now a possibility of organizing a wider and more inclusive public consultation on the controversial proposed law. 

This is …


Akshay Deshmane

Akshay is an investigative reporter and former writer at The Morning Context. Based in Delhi, he writes about the environment, public policy and economy from the lens of the pulls and pressures of an ambitious democracy. Akshay uses the right to information extensively for reporting stories of vital public interest. Over the past decade and more, he has worked for HuffPost India, Frontline, The Economic Times, Down To Earth and DNA.