How IGNOU is letting its students down

Delayed delivery of course material, exams rescheduled at short notice and next to no communication with students have become hallmarks of India’s flagship distance education university.

When I say late, I mean very late,” says the executive from Pune. He is talking about receipt of textbooks for a BCom degree he is pursuing from the Indira Gandhi National Open University, better known by the acronym IGNOU. 

Now 24, the executive started working soon after completing school. He enrolled with IGNOU in 2019 because he wanted a degree. The course was affordable and allowed him to continue to work from anywhere in the country. Plus, a BCom would be a stepping stone in his plan to eventually enrol for an MBA.

But he now regrets his decision. …


Shivani Verma

Shivani is a former writer at The Morning Context. She reported and wrote on the intersection of society, technology and business. Before that, she wrote for Yesterday, our daily news product.