Oh my god what about a COVID vaccine?!
Sidin Vadukut
17 October 2020

Welcome to this first edition of One Less Thing To Worry About, a five-part series of email despatches in which I will attempt to make an intervention in the way you consume news. But I will try to do more than convince you that the vast majority of news you consume everyday is a steaming pile of bullshit. (Please do not share this newsletter with your children. Unless they already use bad language, in which case feel free. Kids are such precocious little shits these days.)

I am sorry I have to stoop to such linguistic lengths. But really there is no other way to put it. The vast majority of news you consume every day, day after day, on every platform, from your newspaper to your favourite social media app, is 100% pure, free-range, organic, full-fat, artisanal bullshit.

(Editor’s Note: Okay, Sidin, calm down with the language?)

(Sidin’s Note: You shut your !@£$$ mouth, Ashish, we agreed I would have complete editorial freedom you piece

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Shiladitya Bora, Producer, distributor and founder at Platoon One Films
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