Shirobako and lessons in project management

Imagine that you are the director of an animation studio. The livelihood and work of the 30 people under you depend on your creative vision, your storyboards, your ability to communicate and consistently delegate work to your art directors, animators and production team. And suddenly you’re hopelessly stuck. The malaise of production stagnation is seeping through your team, your past failures are haunting you like a ghost, and you are paralysed with inaction. You can’t seem to figure out how to conclude the original anime your studio is producing. What is the solution? Your stern production manager decides to lock …


Rohit Chandra

Rohit Chandra is an assistant professor at IIT Delhi’s School of Public Policy and also a visiting fellow at the Centre for Policy Research. Primarily a political scientist and economic historian, his academic work spans the areas of energy policy, state capitalism and infrastructure finance; he has spent the last decade studying the coal and power sectors.