The fall of Sushil Kumar and Indian wrestling

Sagar Dhankhar's death, following a beating allegedly at the hands of his mentor, exposes the seedy underbelly of the sport, one where greed, egos and megalomania are intertwined with crime.

The bout has a racy start. No sooner does the referee blow his whistle, knuckles lock and the two bodies collide, like two giant logs, with a thud. The wrestlers move fast. Their muscles bulge and glisten with sweat as they coil and uncoil, twist and turn, trying to gain an early advantage. A quick attempt is made by the wrestler in blue, Kaiyue Cheng from China, for a headlock, but the wrestler in red, Sagar Dhankhar, recoils his torso to escape the hold. Knuckles lock again. Kaiyue’s left leg is open and, for a split second, Sagar contemplates a …


Pradip K. Saha

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