We are losing the war against superbugs

Many infections with these superbug strains were very recently treatable with mainline antibiotics. They’re now becoming fatal as antibiotics fail one by one.

Nearly five million deaths in just one year where antibiotic resistance was a contributing factor. And out of those, 1.27 million succumbed directly because of infection with antibiotic-resistant “superbugs”. Let those numbers sink in. Superbugs today are causing more deaths than HIV/AIDS or malaria. The next pandemic is already here, and unless we act decisively now, things will only get worse. Today, antibiotics typically last a decade or less from the time they’re approved to the point when we have to save them up for the most serious patients that don’t respond to other treatments.

A study published on 19 …


Anirban Mahapatra

Anirban, a microbiologist by training, is the author of COVID-19: Separating Fact From Fiction.