Why we need to revive food diversity urgently

Biodiversity is the key to preserving food culture, mitigating the impacts of climate change and ensuring future food security. But our window to act is slipping away.

India is a land of diversity. It has always been, for thousands of years. The culture, traditions, language and food change from one region to the next, sometimes in just a few kilometres. This diversity has defined India over centuries and helped it overcome external and internal threats and stand tall amid adversity. And it is this diversity that is under threat today, but I digress.

Nowhere is this diversity more pronounced than in the food habits across different regions. And once we move beyond the culinary misadventures of the big cities, we realize how essential this diversity on the …


Karan Manral

Karan Manral is a co-founder of organic farming ventures Green Essentials and New Farmer. After dabbling with technology media, communication and marketing, and some kitchen gardening simultaneously, he (and his partner Yogita Mehra) took the plunge into organic farming full time a decade ago and has since been trying to make growing food more accessible for novice urban farmers.