How Microsoft became sexy again

After years of ignoring the end users, it is putting them front and centre of its AI-powered lineup of offerings.

Microsoft Build was conceived in 2011 as an annual conference for the tech giant to showcase developer opportunities in and around Windows. For a brief period, there was also the Windows Phone conversation.

But in 2017, there was a shift. Azure dominated the keynote and Windows was relegated to the second day of the conference. The following year, an internal reorganization meant that there was no “Windows division” at Microsoft anymore. For the first time in the history of the company.

Terry Myerson, who headed the company’s Windows business, moved out. Microsoft carved up Myerson’s Windows and Devices Group—the organizational …


Abhishek Baxi

Abhishek writes on technology trends, gadgets and SMBs, and has over a decade of experience—both as an industry watcher as well as a participant. He quit Microsoft in 2011 to become an independent digital consultant, and to write more, travel randomly, watch a lot of movies and wake up late on weekdays.