Inside Solana’s Hacker House

The Bengaluru event is the crypto startup’s biggest yet, in a sign of the frenzy to develop and hire Web3 talent.

On an overcast Tuesday in Bengaluru earlier this week, a trickle of people started lining up at the Sheraton Grand. But quickly, the queue grew from a few dozen to hundreds, undeterred by the drizzly morning.

The energy of the crowd was almost palpable, as candidates stood in line, bags strapped to their backs, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to head inside. Waiting for them there was a large room closed off from the rest of the world.

Inside, purple and blue lights flooded a pitch-black room, with monitors arranged around circular tables. Large standing screens surrounded the space, flashing “Welcome …


Akanksha Sarma

Akanksha is a former writer at The Morning Context, who covered the cryptocurrency industry and other new technology. Her main area of interest is exploring the vast intersection between businesses and culture in the internet age. Previously, she was an associate sub-editor at Moneycontrol, the online financial news publication owned by Network18.