Meesho’s challenge to grow into its $4 billion valuation is urgent

The e-commerce company has survived the funding winter with all its might, cutting costs and running a lean operation. It is now hunting for a growth engine.

In nearly a decade of its existence, Meesho has turned India’s e-commerce ecosystem on its head. By somewhat democratizing the segment—offering unbranded products for budget-conscious consumers, pricing items starkly lower than rivals, foregoing commissions for sellers. But is this enough for the nine-year-old startup to keep up in the country’s ever-intensifying e-commerce race? 

Turns out, the SoftBank-backed company has enough reasons to worry. None of its new ventures, for instance, seems to be doing as well as hoped. And growth in the existing business might soon max out. The Bengaluru-based company has also been hit by a slew of exits …


Sudarshan Devraj

Sudarshan writes on all things startups at The Morning Context. Previously, he worked at Swiggy Instamart as a part of its growth strategy team.