Walmart’s second big bet on Flipkart

Working together finally, Walmart and Flipkart may have the key to unlock the massive wholesale grocery market.

When Walmart Inc. acquired Flipkart in 2018, it paid 5x of what it paid for an upstart e-commerce player,, in the US to compete against its bitter rival, Inc. While Jet was shut down last year, Flipkart has gone in the opposite direction by acquiring its parent’s wholesale business in India. Both Walmart’s India operations and Flipkart’s founding year coincided in 2007 and now over a  decade later, it seems Walmart has firmly put its India bet—both retail and wholesale—into a consolidated e-commerce play.

The move is significant for two reasons. First, Walmart India's wholesale business …


Saif Iqbal

Saif is a writer and co-founder at The Morning Context. He has worked across technology, strategy and business functions during his career. Saif has extensive experience in e-commerce, working with companies such as Snapdeal and LG Electronics in India. He currently works at an edtech startup in Canada. At The Morning Context, he focuses on e-commerce and retail and writes the stories that matter.