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  • Prime Video’s curious reliance on focus groupsHarveen Ahluwalia
    Prime Video’s curious reliance on focus groupsThere’s no doubt that Amazon is serious about Prime Video, both as a way of acquiring new shoppers and as a streaming service in its own right. (There’s reportedly even an ad-supported version in the works.) At the moment, Amazon Prime Video is gearing for the launch of a new season of Mirzapur, one of the most successful shows the platform has had in India. The advertising dollars spent on the crime thriller are already starting to show. Makes sense⁠—original series are a big draw for the top streaming services; however, there’s something interesting about how Amazon is going about it in India.
  • Reliance, Aramco and JioAshish K. Mishra
    Reliance, Aramco and JioI have been on Reliance Jio’s tail so to speak for a good few weeks now. If you are fresh into the subject, I’d recommend you read two of my earlier pieces, Reliance Jio and Facebook, and a note on the eventual Facebook-Jio investment. Both are subscriber-only stories. That said, a quick recap is in order. In the Facebook-Jio investment note following the transaction, I had said: ...In fact, I could not help but notice that in the announcements both Ambani and Zuckerberg stayed far away from making any super app claims. Executives I spoke with said that Facebook isn’t likely to open the WhatsApp API to developers from Jio to build an app within an app. A. The company has never done this in the past. B. There is no reason to play around with the WhatsApp chat experience by introducing an e-commerce layer.
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