Decoding Tata Steel’s ambitious decarbonization plan

The steelmaker has laid out a comprehensive strategy to cut emissions in the energy-guzzling industrial process, but its implementation remains a challenge.

Tata Steel is ramping up efforts to clean up one of the world’s most polluting industrial processes.

At least that’s what its annual report for the 2022-23 fiscal year indicates. Published last week, the report laid out two strategies for decarbonization towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2045. One, the company wants to reduce direct emissions in steelmaking by adopting newer technologies and cleaner fuels. And two, it wants to capture and reuse the carbon dioxide released.

To that end, Tata Steel is trying out several ideas and hoping something sticks. Replacing iron ore with scrap steel, injecting hydrogen gas to …


Azman Usmani

Azman writes on climate change, ESG, and how a warming world impacts businesses and people alike. Prior to The Morning Context, he led climate coverage at BloombergQuint, where he started his career as a desk writer.