Is Ethos the next big luxury retail stock?

The watch retailer, with a focus on quality and customer experience, now has a near 20% share of the luxury market. It remains to be seen if it can retain investors’ interest.

“HMT died decades ago, the time of mechanical movements is over. This is the era of smartwatches.”

“Instead of spending lakhs and crores on a watch, why not put it in stocks or gold.”

That’s banter most people interviewed for this story—watch collector, retailer, consultant or entrepreneur—have been privy to. Scepticism aside, all of them agree on one thing: A luxury watch has more than just snob value. 

For instance, Kunal Gupta, a business consultant and a Swiss watch aficionado, says those fond of such watches look for a blend of history and craftsmanship. But, for a very long time, …


Aakriti Bhalla

Aakriti used to write at the intersection of public markets and large corporations. She joined The Morning Context from The Financial Express, where she was with the markets team, and before that had started out in business journalism as a correspondent with Reuters.