Is IndiGo’s seat-selection option the answer to women’s safety in the skies?

While the airline touts its initiative as a step towards ‘girl power’, concerns abound about privacy, how it unfairly shifts the responsibility onto female travellers and having to pay a lot more.

For years, Indian cities have implemented women-only coaches in metros and reserved seats in buses to enhance women’s safety and comfort. This feature has now come to the skies. 

Budget carrier IndiGo is piloting a programme that allows female passengers to see where other women are seated while they do their web check-in in a bid to enhance comfort and security.

“The feature offers visibility of seats booked by female passengers only during web check-in. It is specifically tailored to PNRs with women travellers—solo as well as part of family bookings… [this is] currently in pilot mode aligning with our …


Ujjaini Dutta

Ujjaini writes for Yesterday at The Morning Context. She joins us from MEA WorldWide, where she worked as a sub-editor, and has previously worked as an editorial intern at The Wire’s LiveWire. Ujjaini published her debut novel—Manik-er Khata—in 2022.