Kishore Biyani falters. Again.

Future Group is on the clock with a debt problem.

This is not the first time India’s modern retail pioneer—Future Group founder and CEO Kishore Biyani—has staked his kingdom. Just eight years back, he landed in enough of a tight spot that he had to sell parts of a business empire that he’d painstakingly built over decades. This time around too, he doubled down his bets in business by pledging ownership equity at a time when his companies are loaded with debt.

The man is now, miraculously, just a few steps away from losing control.

On 30 March, what can only be qualified as the hand of god saved Kishore …


T Surendar

Surendar helps lead the newsroom at The Morning Context as executive editor. Over the years, Surendar has worked in industries from pharmaceuticals to diamonds, as well as a stint as an equity analyst. In his long career as a business journalist, he has led teams at The Times of India, India Today and Fortune India. He was part of the founding team at Forbes India and interned at and published in The Times, London.

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