The new MCA portal is letting businesses down

Plagued by glitches, it makes compliance an ordeal for companies. But is the government even listening?

“Our apologies.” These two words on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs portal have become the bane of users in recent times. Simple tasks related to making a company’s documentation public or retrieving information have become a fraught exercise.

So frequently does the message pop up that professionals like Mumbai-based company secretary Jigar Shah have taken to waking up in the middle of the night to attempt to log into the MCA portal and make filings for clients. While there is no guarantee of success, he does so in the hope that the lower traffic on the site will allow the …


Aakriti Bhalla

Aakriti used to write at the intersection of public markets and large corporations. She joined The Morning Context from The Financial Express, where she was with the markets team, and before that had started out in business journalism as a correspondent with Reuters.