Flowers in my dream and a lesson in radical acceptance

My dream reminded me how much my life has changed. I may be living through an arduous time that seems relentless, but now I can intervene. I can make mistakes and I can make amends.

I would have easily believed that I was living through one of the worst phases of my life, except that I had a beautiful dream just before I woke up in the morning of what I would have labelled a very bad night.

In my dream, I had gone back to the apartment complex where I had lived with my parents as a teenager and young adult. There was rubble and dust from demolition near our flat. I looked away in distress. In the same dream I returned a few days later to see that the area around our flat …


Natasha Badhwar

Natasha is a writer, filmmaker and communications coach. She is the author of the popular memoirs My Daughters’ Mum and Immortal for a Moment. Her columns have appeared in publications such as Mint Lounge, The Hindu, Outlook, The Globe and Mail, The Indian Express, the Hindustan Times and Quint.