Subsidy or saanp-seedhi? The curious case of unspent government funds

Unspent funds highlight the difficulty in accessing government schemes, a lack of coordination between the Centre and states, and a general apathy that runs deep.

If you are a regular reader of this newsletter or an ardent follower of the Indian economy, you must be aware of the deep-rooted structural malaise in Indian agriculture. It is baffling to think that one of the largest producers of food in the world is also home to one of the largest populations of hungry people. That hunger exists among the 60% of the population engaged in agriculture is even worse. Add to that the chronic lack of profit in farming and you have the sorry picture of farmers who are forever dependent on the governments for incentives …


Karan Manral

Karan Manral is a co-founder of organic farming ventures Green Essentials and New Farmer. After dabbling with technology media, communication and marketing, and some kitchen gardening simultaneously, he (and his partner Yogita Mehra) took the plunge into organic farming full time a decade ago and has since been trying to make growing food more accessible for novice urban farmers.