A nasty surprise for Google in high court ruling

Bidding for ad slots against a rival company’s name or trademark has long been debated. The Delhi High Court doesn’t think it’s okay.

Two weeks ago, the Delhi High Court passed an interim order in an important battle that has implications for how many companies bid for ad slots on Google search.

The question at hand was whether using a competitor’s trademark in keywords for Google Ads to advertise your own brand is an infringement of trademark law. In the interim order, which was made public earlier this week, the court has unequivocally said yes, it is. 

The case was filed by Indian travel booking company MakeMyTrip against Amsterdam-based rival Booking.com and others, including Google. Booking, MakeMyTrip said, was bidding for ad slots …


Mahima Kapoor

Mahima is a former writer at The Morning Context, who covered large tech companies and what they do in India. Previously, she wrote about business, economy and markets with a special focus on startups at BloombergQuint, where she says she learnt financial journalism on the job.