How Snapchat is building its AR base in India

Snapchat wants to make augmented reality mainstream in India. It is educating and evangelizing, but success is far in the future.

On a cold Friday morning in Mumbai, Durgesh Kaushik settles into his chair and launches into a well-versed speech on the company’s core values. An old marketing hand, Snapchat’s India managing director comes from nearly 17 years of experience of working with the likes of Reliance Jio and Facebook. On a video call, his demeanour is as quiet as Snapchat India’s turnaround over the past three years. 

In early 2019, Snapchat only had 5 million monthly active users in India, according to a person closely associated with the California-headquartered private messaging company. Late last year, the company announced it had …


Mahima Kapoor

Mahima is a former writer at The Morning Context, who covered large tech companies and what they do in India. Previously, she wrote about business, economy and markets with a special focus on startups at BloombergQuint, where she says she learnt financial journalism on the job.