Is Gen Z reshaping the online shopping experience?

Young shoppers seem to be going beyond loyalty and instead engaging with brands’ ethos. And businesses are taking note.

“I shop online very often and look for homegrown brands for skincare and makeup. I can trust them and relate to them because they understand the Indian skin better,” says 25-year-old Isha Gadgil from Pune.

The likes of Gadgil, a generation Z shopper, are representative of a shift in the way many young Indians are now making purchases. Unlike the generations preceding them, Gen Z shoppers—born between the mid-1990s and 2010-12—tend to place greater emphasis on relatability with brands rather than style or products per se. They also seem to prefer brands that are conscious about the planet and the …


Disha Acharya

Disha is a writer at The Morning Context. She has previously worked at the digital production desk of Reuters. Prior to that, she was a sub-editor at Deccan Herald.