An influencer has called out Mamaearth. Maybe it’s time

Launched in 2016, Mamaearth positioned itself as a non-toxic, safe brand built by parents, for parents. But over time, the company seems to have become more focused on marketing and optics than the products it offers.

Personal care brand Mamaearth’s products have come under fire after a social media influencer called them out, alleging they are practically useless. The influencer’s post created such a wave that even Ghazal Alagh, the company’s co-founder, was forced to respond.

On Sunday, the influencer—who goes by Aditi or @Sassy_Soul_on X (formerly Twitter)—shared a post with photos of Mamaearth’s products, saying: “If you see these products anywhere, immediately pick them up, throw them in the dustbin, and run away.” 

Soon, Alagh responded, calling it another hate-fuelled trend on X. She added that Mamaearth’s quality is a “personal guarantee”. 

But the …


Disha Acharya

Disha is a writer at The Morning Context. She has previously worked at the digital production desk of Reuters. Prior to that, she was a sub-editor at Deccan Herald.