Five people in our stories this year

From Marico’s Harsh Mariwala to Unacademy’s Gaurav Munjal, famous personalities we wrote about this year.

Nothing demonstrates a business’s true character better than the people who run it. All those earnings numbers peppered across news feeds, layoffs dominating headlines, buyouts splashed across the front pages of newspapers are, really, an outcome—both intentional and unintended—of the decisions made by a handful of people in bustling corporate offices. Trial-and-error, patience, perseverance, risk-taking and, at times, dumb stunts and whimsical management styles—the list of what works and what doesn’t is long. But what exactly drives these decision makers?

We found out through our stories. With exactly five days to go before we bid adieu to this year, we’ve …


Shivam Saini

Shivam is an editor on the copy desk at The Morning Context, where she helps shape our long-form stories and news briefs. She has previously worked at the Business Standard as an assistant features editor and as a freelance journalist and editor, with articles published in Scroll and The Atlantic.