Friction #19: Information asymmetry and the pushback against making disclosures

This is the last edition of Friction. The end is a little sad as it’s been a great ride so far. But it’s also exciting because Friction will be replaced by something bigger and better. When we started Friction, we were looking at a newsletter that would talk about issues of corporate governance and (no points for guessing this one) friction—between promoters, and promoters and shareholders. Along the way, Friction began to evolve and varied topics, not necessarily in keeping with the core theme, began to find space. 

It made us realize that things like governance, infighting between board members …


Jayshree P. Upadhyay

Jayshree is a former writer at The Morning Context. As journalist, she had nearly a decade of experience across Mint, Business Standard and Bloomberg TV India. The bulk of her career has been devoted to tracking the capital markets regulator, exchanges, regulatory policies, financial scams and corporate governance issues. One of her biggest breaking stories was her incisive coverage of the colocation scam which put the lapses at NSE in the public domain.