Mrs Bectors wants to take the fight to Britannia

The over-four-decade-old company has long been a supplier to brands like Cadbury and McDonald’s. It is now looking to build a pan-India retail presence, riding on its baked goods business.

In a recent earnings call, Varun Berry, managing director of Britannia Industries, acknowledged that India’s largest biscuit company had lost some market share to local players. “The local players, because of the pricing actions that they’re taking in their small vicinities, have gained a little bit of market share,” he told analysts. 

Britannia is not alone. The second biggest biscuit player—Parle Industries—also saw its market share take a dent. This is unusual in an industry where it’s hard to convince customers to change their tastes, leave alone their choice of brands—a Britannia Marie biscuit consumer is unlikely to switch to …


Aakriti Bhalla

Aakriti used to write at the intersection of public markets and large corporations. She joined The Morning Context from The Financial Express, where she was with the markets team, and before that had started out in business journalism as a correspondent with Reuters.