Tilaknagar Industries, maker of Mansion House brandy, scripts a heady turnaround

A major fight over a brand, a rival pushing for a takeover and a mounting pile of debt. Chairman Amit Dahanukar has tackled them all to put the liquor company back in the reckoning.

For much of the last decade, Amit Dahanukar, chairman and managing director of Mansion House brandy maker Tilaknagar Industries Ltd, was a hunted person. 

First, he was pursued by Kishore Chhabria, the owner of Allied Blenders and Distillers, who wanted to acquire Tilaknagar Industries and add Mansion House to his product portfolio, which included the popular whisky brand Officer’s Choice. News of Chhabria’s interest in Tilaknagar first trickled out in 2013. The ABD chairman had the backing of Herman Jansen, the Dutch company that originally owned the Mansion House brand and accused Tilaknagar of violating the terms of the licensing …


Prince M. Thomas

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