What’s got Bournvita steamed up?

The popular powdered drink is on the spot over its sugar content, forcing the company into damage-control mode. Will its health and immunity-boosting claims hold up?

Last week, a bitter exchange erupted between Bournvita maker Mondelez India and Revant Himatsingka, a social media influencer. 

On 1 April, Himantsingka, who runs the Instagram handle “Food Pharmer”, posted a reel slamming sugar-dense ingredients in Bournvita, a popular powdered drink mix manufactured by Cadbury, which is owned by Mondelez. The video was circulated widely across various platforms and garnered more than 12 million views on Instagram. So what exactly did Himatsingka say in the video that runs a little over a minute?

While displaying a Bournvita packet, he read out its label, claiming that half its content is sugar, …


Aakriti Bhalla

Aakriti used to write at the intersection of public markets and large corporations. She joined The Morning Context from The Financial Express, where she was with the markets team, and before that had started out in business journalism as a correspondent with Reuters.