Innovation and empathy in the remote work epoch

An honest guide to coping with the pandemic-enforced digital workplace

I remember when I was growing up in the US in the 1990s, our household had one desktop computer, a dial-up internet connection and long-distance phone calls to my grandmother in China was an expensive luxury we scheduled twice a month. Today, our consciousness partially exists online through every single one of our smart devices. Sometimes it can feel like we are overly connected, particularly in the way work invades our life by tethering us to our projects and our colleagues and our employers at all hours of the day.

But all complaints of over-connected, overly digital life suddenly ended …


Frankie Huang

Frankie Huang is a Chinese American cultural writer, illustrator and strategist based in Shanghai. Her work has appeared in publications such as Foreign Policy, The New York Times and SupChina, and explores feminism, diaspora identity, and social issues in China and beyond. You can follow her on Twitter @ourobororoboruo.