In India’s AI noise, Invideo stands out

A little-known startup has managed to outperform some of the leading names in the Indian AI landscape on the back of a simple piece of tech built on existing models. It is still early days though.

Let’s play a guessing game. Who do you think is at the forefront of creating business opportunities in India’s AI landscape?

If your answer is Bhavish Aggarwal’s Krutrim, we are afraid that’s a terrible answer. It’s an understandable one, though. Krutrim has possibly received the most media attention in recent months. It’s the only unicorn—a startup with a valuation of or more than $1 billion—in the Indian AI ecosystem and it has made some tall promises too. It’s another matter altogether that there is precious little to show for yet.

If your answer is Sarvam AI—the startup that has raised …


Sethu Pradeep

Sethu writes on all things technology at The Morning Context. He previously worked as a senior sub-editor at Indian Express.