Nobody wants Gaana

India’s oldest music streaming service has been on a hunt for both investors and a buyer. It has found neither.

Basically, the music has stopped. And it turns out that Gaana is stranded, desperately looking for a place to park itself.

For at least nine months now, the Times Internet-owned music streaming company has been on the road to raise money. For at least three of those nine months, it has been looking for a potential buyer, according to three people aware of the development, who asked not to be named. But, to the surprise of Gaana and many others in the sector, nobody seems to be buying its story. 

This is despite the fact that Gaana is the oldest …


Harveen Ahluwalia

Harveen is a co-founder at The Morning Context, and leads our Internet coverage, overseeing a team of reporters writing on startups and tech. She has previously worked as a media, consumer and tech reporter at The Ken and Mint. At The Morning Context, she writes on startups, venture capital, consumer and media businesses—from e-commerce to healthtech to streaming.

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