Shark Tank India is reality TV, not really venture funding

Sony Entertainment’s reality series is under fire for on-air investment deals not coming through. We look at the other side of the story.

“Shark Tank India ‘Delayed Funding’ Scam!” This was how a Twitter thread posted on 10 June by one Anmol Sharma, whose bio refers to him as an entrepreneur, speaker and content creator, started. If it was meant to grab attention, it did. After all, it referred to a popular reality TV show that is a franchise of a hit American series; a show that brought the ways of venture capital investing to Indian living rooms for the first time.

Sharma’s posts claimed to explore the “dark side of Shark Tank” and spoke about how the show’s celebrity investors merely …


Ayush Tiwari

Ayush reported on the travails of the media and social media platforms in India at The Morning Context. He was previously at Newslaundry, where he reported on sectarian violence and politics from Northeast India, Kashmir and North India.