A litmus test for marketing

Budget cuts, furloughs, layoffs and business hits are just the start. Marketing will be put to bigger tests in a post-lockdown world

How do you survive in an industry that is left for dead?

If you are the chief marketing officer of a coworking company in May 2020, you look to a five-letter word that is equal-parts hallowed and derided:


But first, you reach out to over 35,000 people. These are your members across 67 centres. COVID-19 has socked growth projections in the face; there are no new members, and no way you can expand to 125 centres by 2021. All you can do is hold onto existing customers for dear life. So you start by assuring them that you’ll pass …


Roshni P. Nair

Roshni is a features writer and former editor of The Morning Context's Chaos team. Her career spans The Ken, Reuters, the Hindustan Times and DNA. She is a recipient of the UNFPA Laadli award and was shortlisted for the RedInk Awards 2016 for her story on Mumbai’s leprosy colonies. Her far-flung ideas would sometimes drive our editor-in-chief Ashish up the wall, but he wouldn’t have had it any other way (even if he didn’t admit it).