Why we need to stop normalizing alcohol consumption on social media

A photo of you holding a glass of whisky on social media can give someone a false notion of security around continued alcohol misuse, resulting in serious health complications, even death.

To err is human. To err unintentionally more so. A conscious understanding of the path taken and the opportunity to choose right when faced with a fork in the road defines matured human nature. In all my dealings with persons with alcohol use disorder, I found that their choice of diving to the bottom of the glass and staying there was not one driven by delight, but circumstances. Some wanted to blend in, others were trying to cope with a negative outcome, while many were trying to fill a void left by someone they cared for. Everyone had a story …


Cyriac Abby Philips

Cyriac Abby Philips is a highly cited, acclaimed and award-winning liver disease specialist and clinician-scientist based at The Liver Institute, Rajagiri Hospital, Kochi. His seminal research includes the introduction of healthy donor stool transplant for patients battling severe alcohol-related liver disease. He has also authored disruptive peer-reviewed publications on Ayush-related liver injury and herbal and dietary supplements.