How Blinkit outdid Swiggy Instamart, Zepto

Grofers failed at everything. Now called Blinkit, it seems to have found a new lease of life under the ownership of Zomato. How did this happen?

There is no dearth of failed startups in India. But even in that graveyard of disappointment, Albinder Dhindsa’s Grofers occupies a special place. 

For nearly a decade ever since it was founded in 2013, Grofers failed at almost everything. Not for lack of money, effort or time; the company just couldn’t crack the quick commerce business. Worse, several competitors that entered the business much after Grofers went on to outdo the company. 

Fast-forward to today. Goldman Sachs says the company, now called Blinkit after being acquired by Zomato in 2022, could be worth $13 billion. It is also leading the …


Sudarshan Devraj

Sudarshan writes on all things startups at The Morning Context. Previously, he worked at Swiggy Instamart as a part of its growth strategy team.