Coronil comes as a shot in the arm for Ramdev’s Patanjali

The herbal concoction isn’t really a defence against COVID-19 but its immense popularity may just be the panacea that a flailing Patanjali is looking for.

Disclaimer: All names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this story are true, no matter how absurd and paradoxical they may sound.


A retailer in the national capital says he gets 50-60 calls every day, enquiring about the availability of Coronil, Patanjali’s ayurvedic remedy for COVID-19. Another says he received more than 150 calls a day last month, when Coronil was in short supply. He sells 15-30 Coronil kits every day on an average. 

A third retailer spends a couple of minutes explaining the merits of the Coronil kit to me. It consists of Coronil tablets, made from tulsi, …


Harveen Ahluwalia

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